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Work with London’s Biggest Textbook Publishing House is the textbook publishing industry pioneer that has published over 60K+ textbooks used at the world’s renowned high schools. Our textbook publishing experts understand the complexities of e-textbook publishing and guarantee a hassle-free process. You can hire us without worrying over textbook publishing costs – as its most affordable. Sign up now and avail free consultation.

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  • Send us your e-textbook along with your requirements. We will review your book and recommend changes, needed to prep the book.
  • Upon your approval, we make the changes like improving the flow/structure, ensuring there are no errors & it satisfies all educational standards.
  • We will send you the improvised version and wait for your valuable feedback. If you want any further changes, we’ll cater for your feedback.
  • Once all changes are made, we will launch the book on your desired platforms. You can spot your book live within 6 Days only.

We’re Professional Textbook Publishers Who Can Take Your Textbook On 20+ Platforms

Would your book be used in every renowned school or college? Getting your book live across every distribution platform can help you gain maximum exposure. As one of the best high school textbook publishing companies, we can help you publish your book on every platform like Amazon, Kobo, Lulu, Ingram, Apple Books and more. This way, more and more teachers will be able to see your book, resulting in record-breaking sales in no time.

Since each platform has its own standards that need to be met, our professional textbook publishers edit and format your book accordingly. Hiring us to publish your book on multiple platforms won’t cost you an arm and leg. We’ve several packages that allow authors to avail maximum services at half of the market’s price. Therefore, you can reach out to us, and we will make sure to offer you the best deal in the town.

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We Publish Textbooks Of Every Subject!

Whether you are a maestro of tough subjects like Quantum Physics, Genetic Engineering, or Neurosurgery or basic subjects like Science, Geography and the English Language, our famous textbook publishers can publish them all. We have a record of publishing e-textbooks of all subjects.

Besides, we work with authors who wish to publish a series of textbooks. This means they launch updated versions of books every year, and we help them by getting their books live on their desired platform. Also, we publish low-content textbooks as well. So whatever your requirements are, you can rely on us.

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Our top-notch textbook publishing company in London guarantees fastest acceptance by all renowned publishing platforms.

Measures We Take To Prep Your Textbook For Publishing In UK

Prepping a book before it goes for the publishing process, is really important. Therefore, we take the following measures to prepare your book for rejection-free publishing:

  • Proofreading: The proofreaders here check the book line by line, to make sure the book has no language flaws. If they come across any imperfections, the editors remove the mistakes to make them perfect.
  • Logical Placement: A good textbook is supposed to have material presented in a logical sequence and must be connected with the previous concepts. We also ensure your book ticks all the requirements.
  • Formatting: Since the book is meant for academicians, it needs to be well-organized, with clear headings and sub-headings. The formatters here ensures the formatting is on-point; if not, we do it for you.
  • Images & Exercises: Often, textbook authors fail to add relevant images and exercises. We share the feedback and fix the issues so the publishing platform doesn’t reject your book.
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    "I have worked with countless UK textbook publishing companies and have never seen such professional publishers. They got my book published within 6 days only."

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    "The textbook publishing process here is the fastest. I appreciate their free consultation session that helped me make the right decision. I would surely recommend this service to everyone."

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    "I am highly satisfied with these online textbook publishers. They have complete knowledge of academic book publishing. They edited my book perfectly, and it got accepted within no time."

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    "Initially, my book was rejected by Amazon. I consulted this publisher. They recommended a few changes, made the changes, and then published it. My book was accepted by them."

    Saxon VanceChrist Or Chaos
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    "I am a professor and have published my 3 books previously, but I’ve never worked with such experts. The process was smooth, and the prices were so economical. Best textbook publishers, indeed!"

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