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Specialists In London is London’s best-rated eBook publishing service, publishing books of every genre on 20+ eBook publishing platforms. We convert, proofread, edit, design and format the manuscript to prep it for your desired platform. With a history of 100K+ published manuscripts, you can confidently rely on our eBook publishing site! Send your book to us now.

Publish your book in some easy steps

  • Send your manuscript to us for review. We’ll recommend the required changes to make your book acceptable for your desired platform.
  • From trivial to major processes of self-publishing an art book, we’re there to make it stress-free for you.
  • Once you are happy with the final version, we will launch it on your required platforms and stay by your side until the book is finally live.
  • In case the book gets rejected by the platform, we rarely act as per the feedback and re-publish it. We stay by your side until the book is published.

Publish Your Book On 20+ Platforms With Top EBook Publishing Services In UK

If you aim to be the most celebrated author of the era – trust us, getting your book live on one platform won’t help. We help authors reach a wider audience by publishing their manuscripts on every platform. Be it Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Ingram, Lulu, Kobo, or any other platform, we’ve launched books on every renowned platform that exists. That’s the reason we are listed among the British eBook publishing companies worldwide.

Our eBook publishing agency works with every author, irrespective of their experience. Our clientele includes newbie authors, acclaimed ones, and critically acclaimed ones. Several clients started their authorship journey with us, but now they are identified as New York’s best-sellers. Isn’t that a great deal? Hence, just tell us to ‘publish my eBook on Amazon or any platform’, and we’ll get your book live within weeks or even days.

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Versatile eBook Publication In UK That’s Expert In Every Genre

Whether you write novels, short stories, autobiographies, academic textbooks, poems, or work on low-content books, we can get your book to live. There are no limitations in terms of the types of books we publish, as we are experts in every type of book.

What’s more, we’ve experience in publishing manuscripts of every genre. Ranging from horror, adventure, thriller, and historical fiction to any genre or sub-genre, you can throw anything at us, and we will catch them with firm hands. Yes, our services are versatile.

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Our EBook Publishing Website Preps Every Manuscript For Success

Every author wishes to get their manuscript launched on the best platform for eBook publishing. But, not all of them succeed because they fail to meet the standards of the eBook platform. Here are the following measures we take to ensure guaranteed publication:

  • Proofreading: We look out for grammar and language-related flaws like grammar, spelling, punctuation, overall flow, structure, and other elements.
  • Editing: The fixes the weak areas of the manuscript and shares the feedback through track changes with you to maintain transparency in the services.
  • Designing: We evaluate your book's book cover and other design-related elements and offer design services if needed to enhance the outcome.
  • Formatting: Inconsistent spacing & mixed-up sentences mess up the reader’s experience. We format the book to make your manuscript reader-friendly.
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We’ve been in the eBook publishing business for more than a decade! We didn’t lead the authors throughout this span but worked with them as a team. We can do the same for you. Hire us and work with the best eBook publishers in UK.

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We’re the most trusted eBook publishing agency in the UK! Not only do we say this, but our clients vouch for us. Take it from them:

  • Aidens Story

    "I am truly satisfied with your professional book publishing assistance. It was a pleasure working with you guys. I will surely re-hire your services."

    Ethelswith EaldgythAidens Story
  • Your Are The Ocean

    "It was an immense pleasure working with these professional publishers. They published my poem that no publisher was ready to publish for me."

    Edith RidgeYour Are The Ocean
  • Sanctuary

    "Amazon wasn’t accepting my book until I hired them. They recommended some changes and then they published it for me – and it’s now live."

    Ryland CreedSanctuary
  • Inside Outside

    "If you are finding it hard to publish your book online, then trusting this online book publishing agency is the best solution. 100% recommended."

    Haven EdwardInside Outside
  • Poesia

    "It was an immense pleasure working with these professional publishers. They published my poem that no publisher was ready to publish for me."

    Edith RidgePoesia
  • The First True Lie

    "Amazon wasn’t accepting my book until I hired them. They recommended some changes and then they published it for me – and it’s now live."

    Ryland CreedThe First True Lie